Mercury just got a new look and features, V1 is out! Check out the announcement.

Building Wallets/Explorer Tools?

While Mercury is focused on Soroban, it also provides useful tooling for exploring other objects of ledger and account operations, especially if you plan to explore accounts of your protocols. All included in the Mercury plan.

Retrieve Account Data On The Ledger

Access any account state, its trustlines, and other ledger objects with the current data graphQL API. No subscriptions or programs required.

Access accounts from Zephyr <soon>

Your programs will be soon able to access other objects of the ledger besides contract entries, including accounts, trustlines, offers, liquidity pools, etc.

Record Account Operations on Request

If you wish to retrieve operations history from Mercury, you can place a full account subscription and retrieve operations data from the graphQL API.
No-Setup APIs

Current Data graphQL API

The current data API grants you access to the objects in the ledger, to any Mercury plan. More ledger objects coming soon!
Dashboard mockup

Ready To Start Building?

Are you ready to get started with building Soroban applications with Mercury's help? Check the documentation and join our discord server! Start now, no credit card required.