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WebAssembly-Powered Cloud Computing for On-Chain Data Processing.

The Zephyr Virtual Machine is a WebAssembly Virtual Machine designed to interact with databases and interoperate with Stellar and Soroban.

Zephyr's Architecture

Your program runs on the Zephyr VM which, though its host functions available to the guest, grants ready access to ledger data and communication with Mercury, allowing you to read and write to the database.

Exploring the ZephyrVM

The Mercury Cloud Execution Environment.

The Cloud execution environment allows developers building with Mercury to have the same degree of data access and latency that they would encounter in deploying watcher nodes, but with less costs and maintenance to bear, and more importantly with a much better developer experience making building efficient and real-time Web3 APIs significantly more accessible.

Write small programs, deploy and start getting your data.

Building a powerful and fast indexer with custom logic has never been easier. The development process is as simple as writing a smart contract.

No XDR nested matching no more.

Finally get to work off-chain with network data with the same ease that you deal with it on-chain.

Fully customizable APIs.

Indexing, aggregations, simulations, ledger entry retrievals: all in a single program that runs ledger-by-ledger with access to each ledger transition data in real time. Define your indexed tables the way you want them, export serverless functions and aggregate your responses with your API definition. Or use our graphQL API. The customization is endless.

Event catchups.

Is your program ingesting and processing Soroban events but you started building with Mercury after the deployment on-chain? No problem, we have built an efficient, parallel service that executes your program against the events of the requested contracts. Run a catchup, wait for it to complete (can even take < 1 min!) and begin querying your data.

Resources and Help

Documentation & Examples

Learn how to write Zephyr programs to build your application's API with Mercury.

Use cases

Mercury's cloud environment powers a vast range of use-cases, from dApp indexing to on-chain automation strategies.

Need Help? Ask us on Discord

Our team is very active on the xyclooLabs discord channel, just post a question in the help channel and you'll here from us!

Examples repository

Access the expanding examples repository with the most common Zephyr use cases to start building in no time.