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Building Applications On Soroban? We've Got You Covered.

Build your API, in Rust with the native Soroban SDK: simulation, ledger entries, or data processing/indexing. All in one program.

Real-Time & Low-latency

Our servers rely on local Stellar nodes streaming data into our service, granting real-time and low-latency execution of your programs.

Low-Level Custom Ingestion

Your program receives a raw representation of each ledger transition, you choose how to process or index it.

Powerful Indexing

Our VMs come equipped with DB interactions functionality and you can have full control of your tables, all while relying on our GraphQL API.

Custom RPCs

Write custom RPC functionalities using rust and the native soroban sdk as typesystem. Simulation and ledger entries: you now don't have to deal with these from your frontend anymore.

Alerts, Bots and Web Requests

Our VMs can also forward web requests on your behalf, enabling you to create alerts, send transactions, or any web request.

ZephyrVM <> Soroban VM

Rely on functionalities of the Soroban VM, directly within the ZephyrVM: utilities, types, and conversions, everything is linked!
Developer Experience

Develop APIs Like You Build Smart Contracts.

Building your own web3 API has never been as low-level while simple. Through a fork of the Soroban VM and linking work on our VMs side, you can now build off-chain with the very same types (and their implemenations) you use in your smart contracts, you can even import types directly from them.
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RPC Functionality

Custom Ledger Entries Endpoints

Besides simulation, you can implement functions that can read from the ledger, or even iterate over subsets of it. Or even, you can mix up the entries retrieval and simulation functions into one exported endpoint.
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Accessibility and Performance

Work on Low Level Data

When we say you can work with low level data, we really mean it. Our SDK can do much of the heavy-lifting, and relying on the native Soroban SDK makes working with smart contracts much easier, but your programs are granted access to every single changing piece of the ledger closes + syn read access to the ledger (contract data, code, accounts, offers, etc).
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Ready To Start Building?

Are you ready to get started with building Soroban applications with Mercury's help? Check the documentation and join our discord server! Start now, no credit card required.