Mercury just got a new look and features, V1 is out! Check out the announcement.

Want to Monitor or Build Alerting/Bot Strategies On-Chain?

The customization powered by the ZephyrVM can also go beyond protocols and applications. We got everything you need to build bots, alerts, and monitoring strategies on-chain.

Alerts and Sending Txns

Programs deployed to mercury's cloud enable to forward any generic-defined web request, allowing for alerts, sending transactions, or other calls.

Execution Monitoring

The ZephyrVM allows to simulate the execution of smart contracts enabling ledger-by-ledger monitoring of contracts behavior. Additionally, soon you will also be able to simulate execution while overwriting specified ledger entries, powering a wide range of testing/monitoring possibilities.
Web2 Hooks

Alerts, Monitoring and Web Requests

Define and send framework-agnostic generic web requests. Our VM will take care of landing that request. Along with real-time ledger transitions, being able to simulate contract execution and reading/writing the database, this creates the perfect environment for on-chain monitoring, strategies and bots.
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Ready To Start Building?

Are you ready to get started with building Soroban applications with Mercury's help? Check the documentation and join our discord server! Start now, no credit card required.